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Last update: April 2020

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WordPress is the original most used content management systems (CMS) in the world.

Whilst WordPress was originally conceived and built to be an open source blogging platform, it has since gone on to become the number one choice to build any type of website.

You will find WordPress powering…

  • Blogs – 8% of the top 100 blogs according to Technorati are managed with WordPress
  • News sites – The New York Times, CNN, Mashable all run on WordPress
  • Brochure websites
  • Ecommerce
  • Forums
  • Memberships sites
  • The list goes on!

The sheer size and importance of WordPress is sometimes difficult to comprehend.

WordPress’ popularity shows no sign of ending, with the trend for building websites with WordPress, powered by specialist WordPress hosting, continuing to grow each year.

We’ve brought together the vital and lesser-known WordPress statistics in one handy place.

Let’s get started…

380 years and 1.4 million lines of code

According to Open Hub’s Project Cost Calculator, WordPress has (to date) taken the effort of over 380 person-years. This is based off of 1.4 million lines of code, with an estimated cost of over $21 million.

38% of all websites are powered by WordPress

According to Netfcraft, there are currently 1.3 billion active websites live right now.

Of that, an estimated 38% of all sites are powered by WordPress. That means approx. 494,000,000 sites are using WordPress.

According to https://trends.builtwith.com/cms

  • 38% of the top 10k websites on the web use WordPress.
  • 36% of the top 100k websites use WordPress.
  • 35% of the top 1M websites use WordPress.

WordPress is the fastest growing CMS

WordPress is the fastest growing CMS, with roughly 500+ new sites being built daily on the top 10 million websites on the web.

Compare that to Shopify’s and Squarespace’s 60-80 per day.

24% of WordPress sites are on version 4 or lower

Although WordPress 5 has been downloaded over 12 million times, WordPress is fragmented, with 24% of WordPress websites are still running on versions 4 or lower.

Of those on version 5 only 46% are using the latest version available. This leaves sites open to attacks and hacks.

WordPress.com serves more than 15.5 billion pages per month

The WordPress.com network welcomes more than 409 million people viewing more than 20 billion pages each month.

70 millions new posts each month

Users produce about 70 million new posts and 77 million new comments each month.

That is a staggering 2.3 million posts and 2.5 millions comments per day!

WordPress is more popular than Twitter and Ebay

Twitter gets 147 million and Ebay 109 million unique visitors per month, while WordPress has a huge 156 million unique visitors per month.

Woocomerce is the most popular plugin

WooCommerce is used by 16.9% of all the websites who use WordPress, which means 6% of all websites currently have woocommerce installed.

At the time of writing, 46 plugins have reached the 1 million+ active installs milestone.

WordPress blogs written in over 120 languages

WordPress is a truly international platform. The top 5 languages being:

  1. English: 71%
  2. Spanish: 4.7%
  3. Indonesian: 2.4%
  4. Portuguese (Brazil): 2.3%
  5. French: 1.5%

There are 56,011 plugins available

You can pretty much find a plugin to do anything, and usually for free in the WordPress plugin directory.

7,500 free themes to choose from

The official WordPress theme directory has 7,500 free themes for you to choose from.

The most popular theme on Themeforest has generated over $36,000,000 revenue!

230,000 searches in the UK for “WordPress”

According to ahrefs.com there are just over 230,000 searches in Google for “WordPress” each month in the UK.

In the USA, there are a whopping 750,000 searches for “WordPress” each month.

There are 1067 WordCamps around the world

Volunteers and WordPress fans organise 1067 WordCamps around the world, in 75 cities across 65 countries.

Nearly half of WordPress sites are in the USA

45% of all WordPress sites are made in the USA. 5.7% are in Japan, 5.6% are in German and 3.8% are in the UK.

WordPress is a popular target for hackers

The 4 Most Common WordPress attacks are Brute Force, Plugin Vulnerabilities, Hosting Vulnerabilities and Core and Theme Vulnerabilities.

WordPress Installations Vulnerable to Hacker Attacks

Data shows that at least 30,823 out of 42,106 identified WordPress websites have exploitable vulnerabilities.

This means that 73.2% of the most popular WordPress installations are vulnerable.


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