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20i Review

20i home page

20i are a relative newcomer to the world of hosting, but they are backed by the two founders of 123-reg, Webfusion and more recently Heart Internet.

HostScore: 96%

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20i Pros
+ Advanced hosting platform
+ Best reseller hosting platform
+ 99.99% uptime guarantee

20i Cons
- No money back guarantee on VPS
- That's about it for cons!

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20i's recent investment in software and hardware means their platform is using the most up to date stack available.

It also means their server contention rate (the number of websites you are sharing a server with) is going to be small – that’s a good thing.

20i are totally text based support, and do not offer any support over the phone. For me, this makes total sense; live chat and ticket based support are easier to explain technical issues. All their support team are based in the UK.

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123 Reg Review

123 Reg home page

123 Reg have been around since 2000, which in internet years is forever. Currently owned by US hosting giants GoDaddy, 123 Reg’s marketing is primarily focused on home office and small office businesses, but there’s nothing to stop you using them to host your personal WordPress blog.

HostScore: 61%

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123 Reg Pros
+ UK based support
+ Wide range of hosting related services
+ Regular price discounts for new customers

123 Reg Cons
- Add products to your basket without permission
- Very outdated control panel
- History of technical issues

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123 Reg are one of the UK's largest domain name registrars, with over 3.5 million domains registered and 1 millions websites hosting throughout its lifetime.

123 Reg want to be your one-stop shop for anything related to your website, offering a wide range of related services.

123 Reg run a lot of price promotions to attract new customers, such as 99p domain names.

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1&1 IONOS Review

1and1 IONOS home page

IONOS (formerly known as 1&1, aka 1and1) is one of Europe’s largest web hosts. Over the years, 1&1 IONOS has developed in to a one-stop shop for all your hosting and ecommerce needs.

HostScore: 49%

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1&1 IONOS Pros
+ 24x7 support and variety of customer support methods
+ Well priced hosting plans with good tech specs
+ Powerful web hosting control panel with lots of features

1&1 IONOS Cons
- Limit on the number of files allowed in shared hosting plans
- Initially confusing webspace structure
- Cross-selling of inappropriate products in control panel

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1&1 IONOS offer a range of additional services such as; e-commerce tools, cloud storage, Office 365, custom made websites and advertising services.

1&1 IONOS currently manages over 9 million websites worldwide. That works out at just under 5% of all active websites.

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Eco Web Hosting Review

Eco Web Hosting home page

Eco Web Hosting was founded in 2007 with a unique angle in the hosting world; planting trees for every hosting plan sold to offset the server’s carbon emissions. At the time of writing Eco Web Hosting have planted over 2,200 trees, offset more than 80 tonnes of carbon and sponsored 5 gold standard projects.

HostScore: 81%

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Eco Web Hosting Pros
+ UK based support
+ Fast hosting platform
+ 45 day money back guarantee

Eco Web Hosting Cons
- No uptime guarantee
- Pricey VPS if you don't need cPanel
- Top tier WordPress hosting plan is expensive

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Eco Web Hosting are focused on hosting (no funky extras like SEO or Email marketing). Their services include:

  • WordPress hosting
  • Shared web hosting
  • VPS
  • Domain names

The company is run by an experienced crew, with the large majority having worked for Heart Internet during its peak a few years ago.

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Fasthosts Review

Fasthosts home page

Fastshosts are one of the founding fathers of UK hosting, founded as far back as 1999. Fasthosts were one of the early pioneers of simplifying web hosting and making it easier for people to build a website.

The question is, have they stayed ahead of the curve offering the latest in technology along with features that set them apart from the competition?

HostScore: 40%

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Fasthosts Pros
+ UK Data Centre
+ Decent WordPress products
+ Investment in platform

Fasthosts Cons
- Complicated price promotions
- History of technical issues
- No uptime guarantee

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Fasthosts currently manage over 1.2 million domain names with 320,000 websites hosted on their platforms. Fasthosts is owned by United Internet, the German parent company of Ionos (formerly 1&1), Sedo and Strato Hosting although the two companies are run as separate business unit.

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Heart Internet Review

Heart Internet home page

Heart Internet were founded in 2004 by serial hosting entrepreneurs Tim Beresford and Jonathan Brealey. The duo were the original founders of 123-reg and have since gone on to launch 20i. Heart Internet are currently owned by US hosting behemoth Godaddy.

HostScore: 61%

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Heart Internet Pros
+ Solid VPS & dedicated server SLAs
+ Good prices for domain names
+ 24x7 UK based support

Heart Internet Cons
- Over priced hosting products
- No investment in hosting products
- Recent history of downtime

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Historically, Heart Internet's main focus has been on the reseller hosting segment of the market, which typically means web designers, developers and dedicated web hosting resellers.

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Krystal Review

Krystal hosting home page

Krystal claims to be the largest independent web host in the UK with over 27,000 active clients and more 195,000 websites hosted, and is rated the best web hosting company by many popular review sites, a fact reflected by their high HostScore rating.

HostScore: 93%

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Krystal Pros
+ 24x7 UK based support
+ 60-day no-fuss money-back guarantee
+ 99.99% uptime guarantee

Krystal Cons
- Domain names not included with shared hosting
- Basic packages a bit pricey for specifications
- Advertised prices don't include VAT

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Krystal was founded in 2002 by Simon Blackler after his frustration with the inability to find an “Honest, Reliable & Personal” alternative to the common large hosting corporations that dominated the UK market.

With their 60-day money-back guarantee, Krystal offers twice the risk-free offer compared to the typical 30-day guarantee of other hosting providers.

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Names.co.uk Review

Namesco home page

Names.co.uk (aka Namesco) provide a wide variety of domain name and web hosting related products, putting them in direct competition with the likes of 123 Reg, Fasthosts and GoDaddy. Namesco is currently the fourth largest UK provider of domain names and shared hosting services.

HostScore: 56%

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Names.co.uk Pros
+ Free domain name for a year
+ 24x7 UK support
+ Wide range of services

Names.co.uk Cons
- Add products to your basket without permission
- Weak WordPress offering
- No SLA uptime or money back guarantee

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Originally founded in 1997, Namesco was bought by Register Group in 2007. Register Group is one of Europe's largest hosting companies, with a wide range of hosting-elated brands dotted across the continent. The group currently manages 2,100,000 domain names with 700,000 websites.

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SiteGround Review

siteground home page

SiteGround were founded in 2004, and the Bulgarian based web host has exploded on to the scene. The company currently manages over 2 million domain names across multiple territories.

HostScore: 89%

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SiteGround Pros
+ Advanced hosting platform
+ Free SSL and CDN
+ 99.99% uptime guarantee

SiteGround Cons
- Prices go up a lot after first year
- Expensive domain names
- Setup fee for monthly billing

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SiteGround have not gone down the path of bolting on a ton of supplementary products like Office 365 or marketing services, focusing their efforts on providing hosting technology and platforms to power your websites.

It is worth noting that SiteGround are one of the few hosting companies that haven't been hoovered up in the great industry consolidation of the past few years.

SiteGround were one of the earliest pioneers of WordPress specific hosting packages, an their first-mover status shows with the breadth and depth of WordPress-based features on offer.

SiteGround offers all customers a 99.99% monthly uptime guarantee. This works out at guaranteeing no more than just over 4 minutes of downtime per month and just under an hour per year.

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