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Web hosting is not a commodity like gas or water. Choosing your web host is an important decision and can have a huge impact on your website and business.

Support, reliability, speed and security (not to mention value for money) all vary wildly between web hosts.

The internet is awash with web hosting review and comparison sites. As with anything subjective, certain trends persist (i.e. good web hosts will always be reviewed well, and bad web hosts will have terrible reviews), but the majority of these sites rate and rank web hosts differently.

Additionally, people only typically leave reviews when they’ve had a bad experience or a particularly great experience.

 So how do you make sure you choose the best web hosting company? 



⭐ HostScore is our attempt to provide an industry wide score that shows a web host’s true quality.

To do this, we take other review and comparison sites’ scores, ratings and rankings and create a percentage score based on those results.

This then helps us to create a unified score to help you identify the best (and worst) web hosts around.

Hostscore example

HostScore is the quickest and easiest way for you to benchmark and compare web hosts.

Websites we use

We have vetted the sites we use to calculate our score. Those we suspect (or know) rank websites based on the amount of affiliate commission they can earn have not been included.

If you run a review or comparison website and would like to be included, get in touch using the form below.

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